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Meet the Trainer

  • Christine Grove Williams

Christine Grove Williams

Christine is a certified professional trainer. (CPDT-KA) Christine has over 30 years experience working with dogs professionally in the area of training and behavior problem resolution, and has an upstanding reputation in the west Michigan community. A high percentage of her work comes through Veterinary referrals. Her knowledge and hands on experience gained by working in the veterinary practice environment for 15 years compliments her experience in training and behavior modification. (especially in regard to behavior problems associated with medical conditions and in working with dogs that may benefit from medication prescribed by their veterinarian to compliment behavior modification)

Christine has an extensive history and personal interest in working with large working breeds, currently sharing her life with 2 Bullmastiffs. (no breed prejudice) She also appreciates and understands the needs and challenges common with small breeds, and has a genuine fondness for them. Christine offers assistance for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Christine's experience competing in the breed and obedience ring years ago helped her to develop a "results orientated" training program that is positive in nature, yet balanced when required. Christine fully appreciates that "one size does not fit all" in dog training and behavior modification. Individualized programs are tailored to set the dog and owner up to win, this is not a cookie cutter approach. Through the training process it is Christine's goal to enhance the bond & relationship between dog and owner.

Christine's areas of special interest are aggression, anxiety, and helping to develop healthy and safe relationships between dogs and children. In addition to working with dogs and their families Christine is available to offer mini clients and presentations on the following subjects:

  • Bite Prevention and Dog Safety (libraries, schools, daycare, Scout organizations, etc.)
  • Responsible Dog Ownership (libraries, schools, daycare, Scout organizations, etc.)
  • Handling Difficult Patients (Veterinary Clinics)
  • Counseling Owners on Puppy Training & Behavior Problems in Dogs (Veterinary Clinics)
  • Understanding K-9 Body Language & Dog Play Interpretation (Dog Parks & Daycare)