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Services Offered


Behavior Consultation
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Consultations are offered on an appointment basis. This service is normally scheduled as a house-call, though alternative options are available. Depending on the nature of the consultation, appointments typically run 60-90 minutes. 

The minimum fee for this service is $70. Appointments related to aggression and anxiety issues are $150, and normally run 90 - 120 minutes. 

A Mileage and Travel Time fee will be added to the Consultation fee for appointments done on a house-call bases.  Mileage/travel fee is $15 - $30 dependent on mileage.

Private Training Lessons
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Private lessons are offered for dog and owner, or the dog may be worked with individually. Good communication between trainer and owner are critical to ongoing success, as well as committed follow through upon lesson completion at home. A variety of scheduling options are available on an appointment basis.

The fee for this service is $60.

A Mileage and Travel Time fee will be added to the lesson fee for appointments done on a house-call bases. Mileage/travel fee is $15 - $25 dependent on mileage.

Board and Train Program
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The length of stay varies dependent upon established goals. Dogs are trained in specific areas twice daily, though general good manners are worked on continuously. Guests are kept in my home and treated as family members, not housed in a kennel environment or kept outdoors. I believe this to be an important key to success, as the majority of problems occur in the home. Every effort is made to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

We are happy to provide a quote based on training/behavior goals. Advanced reservations are required, as only 2 guests are accepted at any given time.


Pet Selection Assistance
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Professional assistance is available for those considering a new addition to the family. Breed suggestions will be offered after sufficient information is obtained, to ensure you select the breed most appropriate for your personality and circumstances. Breeder recommendations are frequently offered, as well as referrals to rescue organizations and private owners. Temperament testing of puppies and dogs is also available.

The fee for this service is $30 per half hour, with additional time charged accordingly. (a minimal mileage fee may apply if travel is required) The adoption of a new pet is a serious undertaking and long term commitment.

In-Home Boarding
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Every effort is made to stick closely to your dog’s daily routine, as consistency reduces stress. Guests are exercised twice daily, and have the option of playing with other dogs if they desire. All guests are given ample personal attention, and good manners are always encouraged. A strong effort is made to ensure security and safety. Two large fenced areas are available for outdoor play, as well as a 20 x 20 kennel that is designed especially for escape artists.

It is required that all guests are current on vaccinations, and be on flea and heartworm prevention. Guests should also have had a fecal examination done in the last 6 months to help prevent any possible transmission of intestinal parasites (worms). Sorry, only dogs are accepted as guests. Dog’s with behavior problems or in need of training are welcome. (females in season and intact males are not accepted)
The daily rate for in-home guests is

$45 per day. 

Holiday Premium: On holidays a $20 premium is also charged. (Note: Holiday Premium will increase to $20 staring Jan. 1st, 2008). Holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Indep. Day, Memorial Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.

You are charged for the day the dog arrives, regardless of the time. You are not charged for the day the dog goes home if he or she is picked up by noon (weekdays). (very similar to hotel fee calculation) Weekend boarders will be charged for a minimum of two days regardless of admission and discharge time. A full days charge will apply on Sundays and holidays regardless of when the dog is picked up.

All drop-offs and pick-ups are done on an appointment basis. Advanced reservations are highly recommended, as space is limited.  There are no admissions/discharges on holidays.  Sunday hours are limited with two options available between: noon - 1:00pm and 5:00pm - 6:00pm. An after hours drop off or pick up fee may apply of $10.

Transportation is available to/from my home for boarding can range from $15 - $25 per trip.

Educational Seminar Presentations
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Educational Seminar presentations are available in the areas of training, aggression, animal handling, separation anxiety and safety programs for dogs/children. Please contact Christine for more information.

Miscellaneous Services
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Are you in need of a pet related service not listed on the menu? All pet service requests are considered!